APL Photos (Lab gatherings)

MPA, Chicago (April, 2022)

Clockwise from Left:
[Lorena Moreno, Borja Paredes, Rich Petty, Ken DeMarree, Jamie Barden, Pablo Briñol]
Lab Lunch Celebrating 2021 M.A.* and Ph.D.** graduates at OSU Amphitheater at Mirror Lake (May, 2021)
Left to Right from Front
: [Joe Siev, Rich Petty, **Nancy Xu, Tori Westbrook, *Mark Matthews, Aviva Philipp-Muller, Mark Susmann, Jake Goebel, Duane Wegener, Sydney Williams]

SPSP Lab Alumni Dinner at Redfish Grill in New Orleans (February, 2020)
Clockwise from Top Left:
[Andy Luttrell, Jamie Barden, Geoff Durso, Ron Porter, Donna, Rich Petty, Pablo Briñol, Jason Clark, David Santos, Joshua Guyer, Allister MacIntyre, Sheila MacIntyre, Duane Wegener, Monique Fleming, Tara MacDonald, Lee Fabrigar]

Jaroth and Joe’s Generals Defense Celebration Dinner at Strongwater Food & Spirits (October, 2019)
Clockwise from Front
: [Nick Khaligh, Mark Matthews, Duane Wegener, Joe Siev, Rich Petty, Jake Teeny, Mark Susmann, Avivia Philipp-Muller, Jaroth Lanzalotta]

Shanghai Tour with Nancy Xu (September, 2019)

Current and former APL members at Shanghai Tech (China) Conference on Ambivalence (September, 2019)
Front from Left
: [Lifeng Yang, Rich Petty, Christian Wheeler, Nancy Xu]
Back from Left: [Pablo Briñol, Xiaomeng Fan, Duane Wegener, Ken DeMarree]

Visiting Agnes Buvar in Budapest (Hungary) after SSSP meeting (July, 2019)
Clockwise from Left [Pablo Briñol, Agnes Buvar, Rich Petty]

Lab Dinner Celebrating 2019 M.A.* and Ph.D.** graduates at Lindey’s (May, 2019)
Clockwise from Left
: [Aviva Philipp-Muller, Jake Teeny, *Jaroth Lanzalotta, Duane Wegener, **Laura Wallace, Kenny Myers, Nancy Xu, Mark Matthews, *Joe Siev, Rich Petty, Mark Susmann]

Lab Dinner Celebrating 2018 Ph.D.* graduates at Wolf’s Ridge (August, 2018)
Clockwise from Left: [*Geoff Durso, Jaroth Lanzalotta, Mark Susmann, Rang Lin, Nancy Xu, Rich Petty, Jake Teeny, *Luke Hinsenkamp, Andy Luttrell, Daniel Rovenpor, Duane Wegener, Mark Matthews, Laura Wallace, *Kathleen Patton, Joe Siev]

SPSP Lab Alumni Dinner at White Oak Kitchen in Atlanta (March, 2018)
Clockwise from Left
: [Jamie Barden, Zak Tormala, Andy Luttrell, India Johnson, Vanessa Sawicki, Pablo Briñol, Monique Fleming, Rich Petty, Duane Wegener, Kevin Blankenship, Ken DeMarree]

recruit lunch 2018
Mark Matthews Lab Recruitment Lunch at Mad Mex (February, 2018)
Clockwise from Left
: [Geoff Durso, Mark Susmann, Rich Petty, Kenny Slagell, Duane Wegener, Pablo Briñol, Joe Siev, Jaroth Lanzalotta, Nancy Xu, Rang Lin, Mark Matthews, Jake Teeny, Aviva Philipp-Muller, Daniel Rovenpor]

1 nancy and nicks
Nancy and Nick’s Generals Defense Celebration Dinner at Nada (October, 2017)
Clockwise from Left
: [Nancy Xu, Mark Susmann, Rich Petty, Nick O’Dell, Jaroth Lanzalotta, Luke Hinsenkamp, Geoff Durso, Kathleen Patton, Laura Wallace, Daniel Rovenpor, Filipe Loureiro, Joe Siev, Jake Teeny, Rang Lin, Aviva Philipp-Muller]

5 sesp lab santa monica
SESP lab Alumni dinner at Michael’s in Santa Monica, CA (September, 2016):
From Front Left Clockwise:
[Rich Petty, Christian Wheeler, Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Monique Fleming, Joe Priester, Duane Wegener, Vanessa Sawicki, Jason Clark, Kevin Blankenship, Pablo Briñol, Andy Luttrell, Michelle See]

6 pmig
PMIG meeting at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center (September, 2016):
From left:
[Duane Wegener, Rich Petty, Pablo Briñol]

7 andy and stevens
Andy and Steven’s Dissertation Celebration Dinner at Salt & Pine (July, 2016)
Clockwise from Left
:  [Shalini Goyal, Andy Luttrell, Steven Bengal, Kathleen Patton, Nancy Xu, Diego Gomez, Geoff Durso, Jake Teeny, Laura Wallace, Rich Petty, Duane Wegener, Johannes Schuler, Luke Hinsenkamp]

8 visiting alan
Visiting Alan Strathman in St. Lucia (January, 2016)

9 sesp denver
SESP, Denver, CO (September, 2015):
Clockwise from Left:
  [Maria Stavraki, Christian Wheeler, Ana Cancela, Rich Petty, Jason Clark, Chris Loersch, Duane Wegener, Zak Tormala, Ken DeMarree, Kim Rios]

SESP, Denver, CO (September, 2015):
Left to Right [Pablo Briñol, Rich Petty, Stephanie Cacioppo, John Cacioppo]

After Jenn Belding’s farewell GAP presentation (April, 2015):
FRONT from left:
  [Steven Bengal, Kathleen Patton, Jenn Belding, Laura Wallace, Luke Hinsenkamp]
BACK from left : [Jeremy Gretton, Rich Petty, Andy Luttrell, Duane Wegener, Geoff Durso, Jake Teeny

12 departing attitudes
Lab departing USC Attitudes and Social Influence Conference on Catalina Island, CA (July, 2014)
 From left: 
[Geoff Durso, Andy Luttrell, Laura Wallace, Jake Teeny, Rich Petty, Duane Wegener, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jenn Belding]

13 nick wrights
Nick Wright’s Dissertation Celebration Dinner at Rodizio Grill (April, 2014)
 From left: 
[Geoff Durso, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jenn Belding, Jeremy Gretton, Nick Wright, Rich Petty, Jake Teeny, Kathleen Patton, Laura Wallace]
Nick and Geoff’s Generals Celebration Dinner at Hubbard Grille (December, 2013)
Clockwise from Left: 
[Serra Celebi, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jenn Belding, Rich Petty, Andy Luttrell, Jeremy Gretton, Laura Wallace, Kathleen Patton, Duane Wegener, Nick Wright, Geoff Durso, Jake Teeny]

14 jamie prepares
Jamie Prepares Paella at Rich’s (October, 2013)
BACK ROW from left:
  [Jake Teeny, Luke Hinsenkamp, Andy Luttrell, Jamie Barden, Jeremy Gretton, Nick Wright]
FRONT ROW from left : [Laura Wegener, Duane Wegener, Rich Petty, Jenn Belding, Laura Wallace]

15 brussels pub
Brussels pub after EASP Meeting on Attitudes in Ghent, Belgium (June, 2012)
Clockwise from Left: 
[Jeff Stone, Bertram Gawronski, Duane Wegener, Russ Fazio, Ken DeMarree, Rich Petty, Pablo Briñol]

16 visit from john and stephanie
Visit from John and Stephanie Cacioppo (March, 2012)
[Rich, John, Stephanie]

17 after lab november 2011
After Lab Meeting (November, 2011)
FRONT from left: 
[Jenn Belding, India Johnson]
MIDDLE from left : [Andy Luttrell, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Pablo Briñol, Ben Wagner]
BACK from left:  [Simon Zebregs, Bea Gandarillas, Rich Petty]

Lab dinner after Summer OSU-Purdue joint lab meeting, West Lafayette, IN (July, 2009)
From Left: 
[Mike McCaslin, Rich Petty, India Johnson, Brandon Kopp, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ben Wagner, Chris Loersch]

18 gap madrid
GAP-Madrid, Spain [UAM] dinner (June, 2009)
From Left
 [Miriam Rocha, Margarita Gasco, Miguel Ángel Martín, Beatriz Gandarillas, Pablo Briñol, Amalia Pérez, Javier Horcajo, Rich Petty, Carlos Martin]

19 singapore tour
Singapore Tour Before A*Star Meeting on Computational Modeling of Persuasion and Negotiation (June, 2009)
From Left:
[Michelle See, Pablo Briñol, and Rich Petty]

20 bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand Tour After A*Star Meeting on Computational Modeling of Persuasion and Negotiation (June, 2009)
[Rich Petty and Pablo Briñol]

21 summer gap purdue
Summer APL Meeting at Purdue (July, 2008)
First Row – From Left:
  [Jason Clark, Duane Wegener, Mike McCaslin, Rich Petty]
Second Row – From Left:  [Ben Wagner, Ann Hoover, Derek Rucker, Vanessa Sawicki, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard]

22 lab gathering 100th
Lab Gathering at the OSU Psychology Department’s 100th Anniversary Celebration (September, 2007)
First Row – From Left: 
[India Johnson, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Rich Petty, Brandon Kopp]
Second Row – From Left:  [Christian Wheeler, Duane Wegener, Chris Loersch, Ken DeMarree, Mike McCaslin]
Third Row – From Left:  [Patrick Vargas, Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Pablo Briñol, Jamie Barden, Ben Wagner, Joe Priester]

23 summer lab at mikes
Summer Lab Picnic at Mike’s (June, 2007)
From Left:
  [Brandon Kopp, Rich Petty, Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Chris Loersch, Mike McCaslin, Ben Wagner, Michelle See]

24 summer lab at dereks
Summer Lab Picnic at Derek’s (September, 2004)
Bottom Row from Left:
  [Jamie Barden, Ken DeMarree]
Top Row from Left: [Derek Rucker, Rich Petty, Mike McCaslin, Pablo Briñol]

25 eaesp 2004
EAESP Meeting on Automatic Attitudes in Madrid, Spain (June, 2004)
[Some of the current and former OSU and UAM lab members in attendance]

26 scp san francisco
SCP – San Francisco (February, 2004)
 From Left:
[Zak Tormala, Rich Petty, Christian Wheeler]

27 spsp lab la
SPSP Lab dinner in Los Angeles (February, 2003)
 Bottom Row from Left:
[Lee Fabrigar, Zak Tormala, Rich Petty, Monique Fleming]
Top Row from Left:  [Christian Wheeler, Jamie Barden, George Bizer, Lisa Evans, Duane Wegener, Pablo Briñol, Carlos Falces]

28 mpa presidential dinner
MPA Presidential Dinner at the Phoenix Restaurant in Chicago (May, 2002)
Bottom Row from Left
: [Duane Wegener, Lee Fabrigar, Rich Petty, George Bizer, Christian Wheeler {in cardboard}, Jamie Barden, Kort Prince]
Middle Row from Left:  [Steve Crites, Joe Priester, Monique Fleming, Marilynn Brewer, Catherine Norris, Erin Harden, Louise Hawkley, Cindy Pickett, Jon Krosnick]
Top Row from Left:  [Michelle See, Penny Visser, Derek Rucker, Ken DeMarree, Russ Fazio, Alan Strathman, John Cacioppo, Wendi Gardner, Blair Jarvis, Pat Vargas, Brigitte Kudielka, Paul White, Jeff Larsen, Jeff Sherman]

29 summer lab at dereks 2002
Summer Lab Picnic at Derek’s (2002)
 Bottom Row from Left:
  [Jamie Barden, Derek Rucker, Rich Petty]
Top Row from Left: [Michelle See, Zak Tormala, Duane Wegener, Lee Fabrigar, Ken DeMarree]

30 summer lab 2001
Summer Lab Picnic at Derek’s (2001)
 Bottom Row from Left:
  [Lee Fabrigar, Derek Rucker, Christian Wheeler, George Bizer, Rich Petty]
Top Row from Left: [Duane Wegener, Jamie Barden, Zak Tormala]

31 dinner at mpa 2001
Lab Dinner at MPA in Chicago (2001)
 Bottom Row from Left:
  [Jamie Barden, Penny Visser, Lee Fabrigar, Steve Crites]
Top Row from Left: [Rich Petty, George Bizer, Duane Wegener]

32 dinner at mpa 2000
Lab Dinner at MPA in Chicago (2000)
 Bottom Row from Left: 
[Zak Tormala, Derek Rucker, Rich Petty, Lee Fabrigar, Duane Wegener]
Top Row from Left: [Christian Wheeler, George Bizer, Lisa Evans, Monique Fleming, Blair Jarvis]

33 european acr
European ACR in Copenhagen, Denmark (1995)
[Rich Petty and Joe Priester]