APL (Attitudes & Persuasion Lab)


RESEARCH in the lab focuses broadly on the situational and individual difference factors responsible for changes in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Much of this work explores implications of the Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion for understanding prejudice, consumer choices, political and legal decisions, and health behaviors. Topics of special current interest include: understanding the role of meta-cognitive (e.g., confidence/certainty) as well as implicit (automatic or unconscious) factors in persuasion, resistance to change, and advocacy; the effect of racial and ethnic prejudice, stereotypes, specific emotions and morality on attitudinal extremity and behavior.  Lab members also investigate how people correct their evaluations for various factors they think may have biased their judgments (such as stereotypes they hold or emotions they are experiencing).

JOIN THE LAB:  Current OSU undergraduate students can apply to work in the lab by sending a resume and statement of interest (i.e., why you wish to work in the lab) to: petty.1@osu.edu or to wegener.1@osu.edu.  Students enrolled in or who have already taken Psych 4630 (Attitudes and Persuasion) are especially likely to be selected. Prospective graduate students can submit an application for admission to the psychology department.

NOTE:  APL is open to all who share our research interests (see above).  We welcome inquires and participation from all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or other particular characteristics or identities they may have.  The lab fully supports Ohio State University’s commitment to building and maintaining a community that reflects human diversity and enhancing opportunities for all (see:  https://equity.osu.edu/)