GAP Archive

2022-2023 [Organizers = Mark Pitt, Fall; Baldwin Way, Spring]
Aug 26:  Jason Clark, Stigmatized sources and persuasion:  Self-validation and self-invalidation.
Sept 2:  Nick Khaligh, The relationship between generality and attitude importance.
Sept 9:  Joe Siev, Attitudinal ambivalence and extremism.
Sept 16: Seulbee Lee, How self-control beliefs shape motivation:  The moderating role of imagery perspective.
Sept. 23: Laura Hildebrand, The effect of trust on confrontation-related social costs.
Sept. 30:  Courtney Moore, The role of valence weighting in disambiguating negative facial expressions.
Oct 7:  Jesse Ladanyi, Self-defining attitudes bias memory for one’s past.
Oct 14  No Meeting, OSU Autumn Break/SESP.
Oct 21:  Phuong Le, The functions of a storyteller’s visual perspective in communication. 
OCT 28:  Sydney Williams, Well, what did you expect?  Impact of expectations on the perceived extremity of scandalous behavior.
Nov 4:  Jake Goebel, Social network structure shapes advocacy intentions.
Nov 11:  No Meeting, [Veteran’s Day holiday]
Nov 18:  Kenny Slagell, A taste of industry research:  Member reactions to general rate increases.
Dec 2: Nick Khaligh, How should I evaluate this?  Differences in evaluative criteria between experts and non-experts.
Jan 13:  Joe Siev, Different punishments allocated to artists versus scientists who transgress.
Jan 20:  
No meeting, [Decision Psychology job candidate, Peter Kvam]
Jan 27:  Juliana Schroeder, University of California-Berkeley,The social consequences of mistaken assumptions about other minds
Feb 3:  No meeting, [Decision Psychology job candidate, Michael Lee]
Feb 10:  Jake Goebel, Who do you know?  Distinct consequences of intra- and intergroup centrality for source perceptions.
Feb 17:  Darcy Acevedo-Torres, The impact of presence of violence and group status on support for protest actions.
Feb 24: No Meeting, SPSP
Mar 3:  SPSP poster blitz
Mar 10: Juan Ospina, CANCELLED, no meeting.
Mar 17: No meeting, Spring Break
Mar 24: Seulbee Lee, Meta-motivational beliefs about emotions:  Do emotions motivate strategic task selection?
Mar 31:  Nick Khaligh, Categorical generality of beliefs.
Apr 7:  Kelly Ammadio, Belief in misinformation correction:  The role of attitudes and correction source characteristics, & Grace Edmonds, Stereotype validation. 
Apr 14:  Keathun Cunningham, Suspicion based on perceived criminality, and Joe Siev, farewell
Apr 21:  No Meeting, MPA Conference 

2021-2022 [Organizers = Russ Fazio, Fall; Duane Wegener, Spring]
All meetings online via Zoom
Sep 3:  Mark Susmann, When retracting information motivates misinformation sharing.
Sept 10:  Joe Siev, Fluid compensatory attitude-behavior-consistency (ABC).
Sept 17:  Jianna Jin, Department of Marketing, OSU, The impact of framing on political conservatives’ attitudes toward boundaries.
Sept 24: Shelby Boggs, Defensive conspiracists:  Poor adherence to social distancing enhances endorsement of COVID-19 conspiracies.
Oct. 1: Kenny Slagell, No pain, no gain: Exploring a construct.
Oct 8:  [No meeting, SESP]
Oct 15:  [No meeting, OSU Fall break]
Oct 22:  Junha Kim, Dept. of Marketing, OSU, Are critics more credible?  Negative reviewers are perceived to be less credible.  
Oct 29:  Tina Nguyen, The role of positive and negative feedback in prejudice confrontation. 
Nov 5:  Allison Londeree, Can self-regulation shape the neural representation of food?
Nov 12:  Javier Granados Samayoa, The contextual appraisal model:  An integrative framework for understanding self-regulation.
Nov 19:  Phuong Le, Antecedents of abstinence and balancing of self-control.
Nov 26:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 3: Jesse Ladanyi, Self-defining attitudes bias memory of one’s past.
Jan 14: No meeting
Jan 21:  Aviva Philipp-Muller, Two heads are better than one:  How framing scientists as communal improves consumer interest in scientifically formulated products.
Jan 28:  Joe Siev, Support versus opposition orientations underlie differences in partisans’ and independents’ preferences in politics and beyond.
Feb 4:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]
Feb 11:  Shelby Boggs, Understanding the role of disgust during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Feb 18:  [No meeting, SPSP]
Feb 25: Jake Goebel, Should I speak up? How audience size shapes opinion expression.
Mar 4: SPSP poster data blitz
Mar 11: Mark Matthews, Does self-affirmation reduce resistance to freedom-restricting language?
Mar 18: [No meeting, Spring Break]
Mar 25: Sydney Williams, Just passing by: The effects of behavioral passing and cis-gender identity on the persuasiveness of pro-trans allyship messages.
Apr 1 Michael Diamond, Masters thesis studies:  Impact of self-affirmation beliefs and self-threat on outcome positivity.
Apr 8Tasha Corley, Rotten apple, rotten tree:  Antecedents and consequences of beliefs about the changeability of systemic racism.
Apr 14: GAP farewells [4 pm], Aviva Phillip-Muller, Mark Susmann, Tina Nguyen, Shelby Boggs.
Apr 15:  Ariana Hernandez-Colmenares, Mindset certainty and resistance to persuasive messages; Darcy Acevedo-Torres, Impact of perceived and actual elaboration on resistance to persuasion; Kendra Wilson, Neural underpinnings of the impact of acetaminophen on judgment. 

2020-2021 [Organizers = Baldwin Way, Fall; Ken Fujita, Spring]
All meetings online via Zoom
Sept 4:  Discussion of GAP norms and climate.
Sept 11:  Rich Lopez, Department of Psychology, Bard College, Self-regulatory strategies and daily eating behavior.
Sept 18:  Shelby Boggs, Salient pathogen threats increase sensitivity to disgust.
Sept 25: Mark Sussman, The role of discomfort in the continued influence effect of misinformation.
Oct. 2: Aviva Philipp-Muller, Get your science out of here:  When do scientific appeals backfire?
Oct 9:  Social area first year talks: Courtney Moore and Nick Khaligh.
Oct 16:  Sophie Kjaervik, OSU Dept. of Communications, The relation between narcissism and aggression: A meta-analytic review.
Oct 23:  Burt Uchino, Department of Psychology, University of Utah, Understanding relationship ambivalence and its link to cardivoascular health.  
Oct 30:  [No Meeting]
Nov 6:  Nancy Xu, From loyalty to rivalry:  Using two-sided messages to engage brand switching among the most loyal consumers.
Nov 13:   Joe Siev, Valenced mindsets guide partisans’ versus independents’ attitudes and behaviors.
Nov 20:   Haemi Nam, The cost of love: When relationship conflict affects health.
Nov 27:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 4: Social Area Panel on Diversity and Inclusion: Cami Johnson, Cindy Pickett, and Pin-ya Tseng.
Jan 15: Taylor Ballinger, Unpacking the perceived threat of diversity policies:  The role of diversity inferences.
Jan 22:  Dani Cosme, Annenberg School of CommunicationsUniversity of Pennsylvania, Translational neuroscience approaches to studying self-regulation and behavior change.
Jan 29:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment day]
Feb 5:  Shelby Boggs, Are you in my group?  Disgust sensitivity and ingroup favoritism.
Feb 12:  [No meeting – SPSP]
Feb 19:  Tao Jiang, Love is not a battlefield:  Nonzero-sum beliefs and response to conflict in romantic relationships.
Feb 26: Nancy Xu, Individual differences in three aspects of evaluation:  The motives to have, learn, and express attitudes.
Mar 12: Aviva Phillip-Muller, Do consumers even care about ethics?: A review with an attitudes twist.
Mar 19: Nick Khaligh, Anti-values: The other (underappreciated) side of the coin.
Mar 26: Allison Londeree, What can neural measures of reward reactivity tell us about adolescent alcohol use?
Apr 2:  [No meeting; OSU Wednesday classes meet today]
Apr 9:  Juan Ospina, Ecosystem motivation predicts support for redistributive policies.
Apr 16:  Jacob Goebel, Network perception: Implications for source attribution + Michael Diamond, For those who get it, does it help:  The effect of accurate self-affirmation beliefs on self-threat.
Apr 23: Sydney Williams, Well, what did you expect? Exploring expectation and attitudes in response to scandal + GAP farewells (Nancy Xu).

2019-2020  [Organizers = Russ Fazio, Fall;  Rich Petty, Spring]
Aug 23:  Brad Bushman, OSU School of Communication, Deadly child’s play:  Exposure to guns in movies and video games increases interest in real guns.
Aug 30:  Lei Jia, OSU Department of Marketing, Shhh…Don’t tell:  The polarizing effect of secrecy on consumer enjoyment.
Sept 6: Phil Mazzocco, OSU-Mansfield, Preferences for disability acknowledgement:  Variance across situations and individuals.
Sept 13: Jake Teeny,The enjoy-able effect:  Enjoyment inflates self-evaluations of ability [a practice job talk]
Sept 20: Andy Luttrell, Ball State University, Shared moralization, issue agreement, and interpersonal impressions.
Sept. 27: Benjamin Ruisch, Examining the left-right divide:  Causes, correlates, and consequences of political ideology.
Oct 4:  Anne Krendl, Indiana University, How does stigma affect mental health treatment seeking, and what can we do about it?
Oct 11:  [No meeting, OSU Fall Break]
Oct 18: [No meeting, SESP]
Oct 25:  Michael Slater, OSU School of Communications, Four human need, motivation, and goals-based perspectives on communication behavior: E-ELM, Reinforcing Spirals, TEBOTS, Mediated Wisdom of Experience.
Nov 1:  Kelly Garrett, OSU School of Communications, Susceptibility to misperceptions in a dynamic media environment.
Nov 8:   Vanessa Sawicki, OSU-Marion, Metacognition matters:  Attitude importance moderates similarity effects on attraction.
Nov 15:   Joe Siev, A model of intergroup independence.
Nov 22: Shelby Boggs, Change of meaning:  How agreement changes the object of evaluation.
Nov 29: [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Jan 10: Laura Wallace, Choosing a culture of growth or brilliance:  A mindset strength approach to employee recruitment and student engagement.
Jan 17:  Jake Teeny, Who’s more upset after a loss?  Opposition (vs. support) mindsets lead to more negative reactions following undesired outcomes.
Jan 24:  Nancy Xu, Moral attitudes and message sidedness:  Two sided messages promote openness for people with morally based attitudes.
Jan 31:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]
Feb 7: Mark Susmann, Reciprocal effects of theories of bias on numerical anchoring. 
Feb 14:  Chris Chartier, Ashland University, Accelerating psychological science through a distributed network of hundreds of collaborating labs.
Feb 21: Aviva Philipp-Muller, Get your science out of here:  When do scientific appeals backfire?
Feb 28: [No meeting, SPSP]
Mar 6: Jesse Ladanyi, Malleable measures: When do they involve conceptual self-beliefs vs. experiential reactions.
Mar 13: [No meeting, OSU Spring Break]
Mar 20: Jaroth Lanzalotta, [CLASSES CANCELLED BY OSU – MOVED TO APR. 10]
Mar 27: Mark Matthews, [CANCELLED – MOVED TO APR. 17]
Apr 3:  
Nick Khaligh, Exploring correlates of personal value importance. [on-line meeting via Zoom]
Apr 10:  Jaroth Lanzalotta, The role of perceived moral attitude bases in advocacy and hypocrisy judgments. [on-line meeting via Zoom]
Apr 17:  Mark Matthews, Core worth promotes openness to persuasion. [CANCELLED]
Apr 24:
Jake Teeny and Laura Wallace, Final comments and farewells. [on-line meeting via Zoom]

Aug 31:  
Brad Bushman, Department of Communication, Ohio State University, Development and validation of a single item ‘Hell’ scale (SIHS).
Sept 7:  Grant Donnelly, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, Communicating scarcity of time and money and its influence on interpersonal connection.
Sept 14: Laura Wallace, Resisting a culture of genius:  How certainty promotes resistance to the socialization of fixed vs. growth mindsets.
Sept 21:  Jake Teeny, Are you an expert or do you just enjoy it?  The impact of enjoyment on self-perceptions of expertise.
Sept. 28: Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Twenty years of self-validation research:  From a hypothesis for a single variable to a general theory.
Oct 5:  [No meeting, SESP]
Oct 12:  [No meeting, OSU Fall Break]
Oct 19:  David Lee, Thriving through social connections.
Oct 26:  Tina Nguyen, Do people have insight into their current motivational state?
Nov 2:  Molly Crockett, Department of Psychology, Yale University, Modeling morality in 3D: Decision making, judgment, and inference[NOTE:  This talk will take place in 35 PS and is part of the Social Area Colloquium series]
Nov 9:  Erin Westgate, Anchors of change:  Cultural shifts in implicit attitudes.
Nov 16:   Aviva Philipp-Muller, The moral bases of attitudes:  Structural as distinct from subjective.
Nov 23:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Nov 30:  Mark Susmann, But I want to believe it:  The role of discomfort in the continued influence of misinformation.
Jan 11:  Pat Carroll, Ohio State University – Lima; Story of self revision.
Jan 18:  Joe Siev, Chronic and situational valence frames drive the use of partisan threat information.
Jan 25:  Amy Brunell, Ohio State University – Mansfield, Narcissism and romantic relationships.
Feb 1:  Brad Okdie and Jim Wirth, Ohio State University – Newark, I don’t need you, I have the internet:  The internet as access to fundamental needs.  [CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER]
Feb 8: 
 [No meeting, SPSP].
Feb 15:  Jaroth Lanzalotta, Biased processing of argument quality.
Feb 22:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]
Mar 1:  Data Blitz (SPSP Posters); Brad Okdie and Jim Wirth, Ohio State University – Newark, I don’t need you, I have the internet:  The internet as access to fundamental needs.
Mar 8:  Shelby Boggs, Pathogens and protection: The role of valence weighting bias.
Mar 15:  [No meeting, OSU Spring break]
Mar 22:  Nancy Xu, How does the moral basis of one’s attitude affect openness to one versus two-sided persuasive messages?
Mar 29:  Mark Matthews, Self-acceptance and persuasion; and Jesse Ladanyi, Lessons from attempts to develop a brief measure of valence weighting bias. 
Apr 5: Mark Susmann, The role of discomfort in the continued influence of misinformation (An MPA practice talk);  Jeff Stone, University of Arizona, Understanding the role of implicit attitudes in a medical context.
Apr 12:  [No meeting, MPA]
Apr 19:  Farewells from departing GAP members: David Lee, Zach Niese and Stephanie Reeves.

Aug 25:
  Amit Singh, Department of Marketing, OSU, Attitudinal ambivalence: Commitment to purchasing a product about which one feel’s conflicted.
Sept 1:  Laura Wallace, Source bias and trustworthiness:  Distinct influences on source credibility, attributions for position-taking, and persuasion.
Sept 8:  Kip Williams, Jeff Jackson, Steve Nida, Steve Harkins, Ren Sloan, and John Pryor, The OSU social psychology program: Then and now.
Sept 15: Daniel Rovenpor, The impact of emotion and locus of control on self-validation effects.
Sept 22:   Laura Wagner, Developmental psychology program, Ohio State University, Biasing social attitudes on speakers’ dialects.
Sept. 29: Geoff Durso, I like the way you think:  Assuming ‘good reasons’ in the similarity-attraction effect.
Oct 6:  Jake Teeny, Are opposers sorer losers?  Valence framing on expectations for and reactions to election outcomes.
Oct 13:  [No meeting, SESP]
Oct 20:  Nancy Xu, The need to evaluate subscales:  Implications for transmission and reception sets.
Oct 27:  Kathleen Patton, Influences of attitudinal ambivalence on attitude clarity.
Nov 3:  Luke Hinsenkamp, Effect of position extremity on depth of processing and persuasion.
Nov 10: [No meeting, Veteran’s Day Holiday]
Nov 17:   Asael Sklar, Selection for awareness [a practice job talk].
Nov 24:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 1:  Anna Paley, Department of Marketing, Ohio State University, The role of perceived financial constraints on word of mouth.
Jan 12:  Nick O’Dell; Decision making beliefs dissertation proposal; Jake Teeny; Matching self-generated messages to affective versus cognitive attitudes.
Jan 19: Zachary Niese, Pre-existing goal commitment changes how people interpret experiences of effort.
Jan 26:  David Lee, To whom do you go for what support?  The role of social distance in support seeking.
Feb 2:  Taylor Ballinger, When different people see different bias differently.
Feb 9:  Josh Clarkson, Department of Marketing, University of Cincinnati, When expectations backfire:  How argument order expectancies influence advertising efficacy.
Feb 16:  Aviva Philipp-Mueller, Subjective vs. structural moral bases of attitudes.
Feb 23:  [No Meeting, Grad Recruitment Day]
Mar 2:  [No meeting, SPSP]
Mar 9:  Asael Sklar, Self-control, construal level, and the feeling of choice.
Mar 16:  [No meeting, OSU Spring break]
Mar 23:  Shelby Boggs, Valence asymmetry, disgust sensitivity, and dangerous world beliefs.
Mar 30:  Jaroth Lanzolotta, Understanding argument quality as a function of desirability and likelihood; Joe Siev,  Impact of number of alternative choices on information seeking.
Apr 6:  MPA Practice Talks, Luke Hinsenkamp, Jacob Teeny, Nancy Xu
Apr 13:  [No meeting, MPA]
Apr 20:  Farewells from departing GAP members: (Geoff Durso, Kathleen Patton, Daniel Rovenpor)

Aug 26:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Matching person and situation:  Responses toward violence and anti-violence interventions.
Sept 2:  Gabriela Tonietto, Fisher College of Business, The hidden costs of scheduling:  Temporal structure reduces task enjoyment and contracts time.
Sept 9:  Joe Goodman, Fisher College of Business, Giving happiness:  Why we give material gifts when experiences make us happier
Sept 16: Jake Teeny, How goals underlying a persuasion attempt can differentially impact processes of self-persuasion
Sept 23:   Selin Malkoc, Fisher College of Business, The material-experiential asymmetry in intertemporal preferences:  Why material items lead to lower discounting
Sept. 30: [No meeting, SESP
Oct 7:  Geoff Durso, Ambivalent person perception between and within distinct social environments
Oct 14:  [No meeting, OSU break]
Oct 21:  Taku Togawa, Department of Marketing, Chiba University of Commerce (Japan), Effects of package pictures on consumers’ evaluations:  The moderating role of psychological distance and self-view
Oct 28:  Kathleen Patton, The effect of attitudinal ambivalence on attitude clarity
Nov 4:  Elise Bui, New directions in evaluative conditioning
Nov 11: [No meeting, Veteran’s Day Holiday
Nov 18:   Paul Stillman, The function of construal in self-regulation.
Nov 25:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 2:  Asael Sklar, The effect of construal level on implicit and explicit goals.
Jan 13: Daniel Zane, Department of Marketing, OSU, The meaning of distraction: How metacognitive inferences from distraction affect brand attitudes
Jan 20:  [No meeting, SPSP
Jan 27:  Paolo Riva, University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), The many faces of social exclusion
Feb 3: Brad Bushman, School of Communication, OSU, Aggression and violence around the world:  A model of climate, aggression, and self-control in humans (CLASH)
Feb 10:  [No Meeting, Grad Recruitment
Feb 17:  Jane Klinger, Hitting the target but missing the point.
Feb 24:  Luke Hinsenkamp, Bursting the bubble:  Attempting persuasion across the political aisle
Mar 3: SPSP/SANS posters (Taylor Ballinger, Rob Chavez, Allison Londeree, Pete Zunick)
Mar 10: Nancy Xu, Differential impact of need to evaluate-expressing versus learning on information transmission and reception
Mar 17:  [No meeting, OSU Spring break]
Mar 24:  Agnes Buvar, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), Advertising or not:  Influencing factors and consequences.
Mar 31:   Aviva Philipp-Muller, The bases for moral bases; and Mark Susmann, The influence of attitudes and ambivalence on numerical anchoring effects.
Apr 7:  Farewells from departing GAP members: (Jeremy Gretton, Pete Zunick, Micah Goldfarb)
Apr 14:  MPA practice talks:  (David Lee, Jake Teeny, Kathleen Patton, Luke Hinsenkamp)
Apr 21:  [No meeting, MPA]

Sept 4:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Self-affirmation and dissonance.
Sept 11: Duane Wegener, The use of null hypothesis significance testing
Sept 18: Maria Stavraki, Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (Spain), Complex emotions validation thoughts:  An appraisal perspective.
Sept 25:   [No meeting, SESP]
Oct 2:  Asael Sklar, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel), Unconscious arithmetic.
Oct 9:  Elise Bui, Evaluative conditioning.
Oct 16:  [No meeting, OSU break]
Oct 23:  Geoff Durso, Bivariate vs. bipolar measures of attitudes.
Oct 30:  Jeremy Gretton, Breadth and bias correction.
Nov 6:  Andy Luttrell, Perceived intervention efficacy and the preference for single vs. multi country conflicts.
Nov 13:  Laura Wallace, Bias:  A conceptually distinct, but understudied dimension of source credibility.
Nov 20:  Jacob Teeny, Positive and negative word of mouth for hedonic and utilitarian attitude objects.
Nov 27:  [Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 4:  Maureen Craig, How gendered facial features and racial categories influence persuasion in gendered topics.
Jan 15: Vanessa Sawicki, Ohio State University – Marion, Motives and means to strengthen weak attitudes.
Jan 22:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Treating thoughts about people as material objects.
Jan 29:  [No meeting, SPSP]
Feb 5:   [No Meeting – Grad Recruitment]
Feb 12:  Nick O’Dell, Decision making capability beliefs.
Feb 19:  Baldwin Way, Acetaminophen and aggression.
Feb 26:  Andy Geers, University of Toledo, Placebo effects:  An ELM analysis.
Mar 4: Kathleen Patton, Attitudinal ambivalence as a moderator of similarity-attraction effects.
Mar 11:  SPSP Poster presentations (Pete Zunick, Ashley Brown, Jake Teeny, Kathleen Patton, Ian Roberts)
Mar 18: [No meeting, OSU break]
Mar 25:  Luke Hinsenkamp, (Un)Certainty, threat, and extremity.
Apr 1:   Shuqi Li, Fairness judgment and decision during social exchanges:  The role of numeracy, communal orientation and exchange orientation.
Apr 8:  Nancy Xu, Differential impact of need to evaluate-expresssing versus learning on self-generated versus other generated persuasion.
Apr 22:  Goodbyes from departing GAP members: (Steven Bengal, Maureen Craig, and Andy Luttrell).

Sept 5:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Translating social psychological wisdom into self-help interventions:  Deliberative versus incidental strategies of self-improvement.
Sept 12:  Maureen Craig, Ohio State University, Cross category coalitions:  Reducing bias across identity dimensions in intra-minority intergroup relations
Sept 19:  Jennifer Belding, Ohio State University, Self-control, attitudes, and persuasion
Sept 26:  Dylan Wagner, Ohio State University, The neural basis of self-regulation failure
Oct 3:  [No meeting
Oct 10:  Abby Evans, Ohio State University, Multiple roles for observed non-verbal cues
Oct 17:  Brad Bushman, Department of Communication, Ohio State University, (1) Blood, Gore, and video games:  Effects of violent content on players; (2) Aggression often starts when self-control stops
Oct 24:  Jeremy Gretton, Ohio State University, Manipulating theories of bias
Oct 31:  [No meeting
Nov 7:  Andy Luttrell, Ohio State University, Perceived bases of certainty and resistance to persuasion
Nov 14:  Geoff Durso, Ohio State University, The role of expectancies in the feeling of ambivalence
Nov 21:  Steven Bengal, Ohio State University, An attitudes approach to numerical anchoring
Nov 28:  [Thanksgiving holiday]
Dec 5:  Jennifer Belding, Ohio State University, Confidence in goals as a determinant of behavior.
Jan 16:  Jessica Carnevale, Ohio State University, Construal level knowledge and self-control conflicts.
Jan 23:  Hyojin Lee, Department of Marketing, Ohio State University, The effects of color versus black and white on construal level
Jan 30:  Elise Bui, Ohio State University, Diet and health:  An attitude conditioning appraoch.
Feb 6:   [No Meeting – Grad Recruitment]
Feb 13:  James Dimmock, School of Sport Science, Exercise, and Health, University of Western Australia, The health related conseqeunces of autonomy:  A self-determination approach.
Feb 20:  David Santos, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain),The interaction of trait aggressiveness and playing violent video games on self validation.
Feb 27:  [No Meeting – SPSP]
Mar 6:  Laura Wallace, Ohio State University, Understanding the antecedents and consequences of perceived bias.
Mar 13:  Jacob Teeny, Ohio State University, Affective and cognitive bases of attitudes as determinants of prompted and spontaneous advocacy.
Mar 20:  [No Meeting – Spring Break]
Mar 27:  Kathleen Patton, Ohio State University, TBA
Apr 3:   Lucas Hinsenkamp, Ohio State University, Threat and certainty as determinants of attitude extremity.
Apr 10:  Nicole Dusthimer and Alex Keaveney, Ohio State University, TBA
Apr 24:  Goodbyes from departing GAP members:
May 1:  [No Meeting – MPA]

Aug 23:  Sarah Clear, Sports and Recreation Management, University of Western Australia (Australia), Inoculation theory:  Investigating mechanisms, decay and application to health behavior.
Aug 30:  Ismael Gallardo, Psychology, Universidad de Talca (Chile), Dissonance and self-affirmation:  A self-validation approach.
Sept 6: Ian Krajbich, Psychology and Economics, Ohio State University, Thinking fast and slow:  Confounds in the evidence for intuitive social decisions.
Sept 13:  Serra Celebi, Communication, Yasar University (Turkey), Social communication apprehension and the use of social network sites.
Sept 20:  Andy Luttrell, Psychology, Ohio State University, The role of ambivalence and certainty in attitude stability.
Sept 27:  [No Meeting – SESP]
Oct 4:  Eddie Brummelman, Psychology, Utrecht University (the Netherlands), My child redeems my broken dreams:  On parents transferring their unfilled ambitions onto their child.
Oct 11:  Jamie Barden, Psychology, Howard University, Race matching and racial identity in elaboration and consumer behavior.
Oct 18: Lisa Jaremka, Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, Ohio State University, Threats to belonging:  Consequences for immune and endocrine function.
Oct 25:  Geoff Durso; Kyle Ratner; Psychology, Ohio State University, Tylenol and social behavior.
Nov 1:  Duane Wegener, Psychology, Ohio State University, Research best practices in social psychology.
Nov 8:  Robert W. Smith, Department of Marketing, Ohio State University, All together now: How perceptions of entitatvity guide judgments and behavior.
Nov 15:  Kyle Ratner, Ohio State University, (Practice job talk).
Nov 22:  Lifeng Yang, Department of Marketing, University of Mississippi, Does benchmarking competitive features of the competing brand make your brand better?  An examination of the moderating role of brand commitment.
Nov 29:  [No Meeting – Thanksgiving]
Jan 10: Jeremy Gretton, Ohio State University, Multiple roles for attitudes in predicting behavior.
Jan 17:  Steven Bengal, Ohio State University, Numerical anchoring:  An attitudes perspective.
Jan 24:  Jenn Belding, Ohio State University, Embodied external objects and persuasion:  A self-validation approach.
Jan 31:  Geoff Durso, Ohio State University, From power to inaction:  When power leads to paralysis.
Feb 7:   [No Meeting – Grad Recruitment]
Feb 14:  [No Meeting – SPSP]
Feb 21:  Nick Wright, Ohio State University, Dimensions of the need to evaluate scale.
Feb 28:  Elise Bui, Ohio State University, Evaluative conditioning and generalization.
Mar 7:  Paul Stillman, Ohio State University, Proactive versus reactive self-regulation.
Mar 14:  [No Meeting – Spring Break]
Mar 21:  Matt Rocklage, Ohio State University, On the utility of attitude emotionality.
Mar 28:  Brad Okdie and Jim Wirth, Ohio State University-Newark, Having a strong attitude in the wrong group:  Examining motivations for ostracizing.
Apr 4:   Jake Teeny, Ohio State University, Exploring the antecedents of proselytism; Laura Wallace, Ohio State University, Using argument quality to determine of a source is biased.
Apr 11:  Luke Hinsenkamp, Ohio State University, Patterns of mixed valence information during attitude formation:  Implications for ambivalence; Kathleen Patton, Ohio State University, Revisiting post-decisional attitude change in the free choice paradigm.
Apr 25:  Goodbyes from departing GAP members:  Kyle Ratner, Nick Wright, Alison Young, Serra Celebi

Aug 31:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), The role of criticism in self-validation processes.
Sept 7:  Brian Ahearn, Influence people (blog), The science of influence applied to the business world.
Sept 14: Chip Eveland, Dept. of Communications, Ohio State University, Accuracy in the perceptions of the opinions of others.
Sept 21:  Jennifer Belding, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University, Elaboration and self-control.
Sept 28:  Duane Wegener, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University, Attitude strength and the motivational impact of weak attitudes.
Oct 5:  Osei Appiah, Dept. of Communications, Ohio State University, Not your average peeping Tom:  Cultural voyeruism and moving beyond racial prejudice through outgroup neutrality and favorability.
Oct 12:  Eva Pietri, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University, Individual differences in the valence weighting bias.
Oct 19:  Amelia Aldao, Dept. of Psychology (clinical area), Ohio State University, Emotion regulation, motivation, and psychopathology.
Oct 26:  [No Meeting – SESP]
Nov 2:  Patrick Carroll, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University-Lima, Self-revision:  From past and present to future selves and back again.
Nov 9:  Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University-Marion, The value of attitude certainty.
Nov 16:  Robyn Wilson, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Ohio State University, Using psychology to solve complex environmental problems:  Applications for land management and wildlife conservation.
Nov 23:  [No Meeting – Thanksgiving]
Nov 30: Vanessa Sawicki, Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University, The motivational strength of weak attitudes.
Jan 11: Pablo Briñol, Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Violence and self-validation.
Jan 18:  [No Meeting – SPSP]
Jan 25:  Kristen Dunfield, Psychology, Ohio State University,Risky business:  Examining the role of partner choice in children’s social interactions.
Feb 1:  Mary Steffel, Marketing, University of Cincinnati,Double standards in the use of enhancing products by self and others.
Feb 8:   [No Meeting – Grad Recruitment]
Feb 15:  Jeremy Gretton, Psychology, Ohio State University, Knowledge complexity and attitude-behavior consistency…..It’s complicated.
Feb 22:  Andy Luttrell, Psychology, Ohio State University, Willingness to intervene in one- versus two-country conflicts.
Mar 1:   Steven Bengal, Psychology, Ohio State University, Anchoring and range formation.
Mar 8:  Geoff Durso, Psychology, Ohio State University, Feeling more or less conflicted about ambivalent information:  The role of expectations.
Mar 15:  [No Meeting – Spring Break]
Mar 22: Alison Young, Psychology, Ohio State University, The effects of political attitudes on the visual representation of a specific, unambiguous target.
Mar 29:  Elise Bui, Psychology, Ohio State University, Implicit misattribution explanation for evaluative conditioning with spiders.
Apr 5:   Nick Wright, Psychology, Ohio State University, Matching messages to individual differences in need to evaluate.
Apr 12:  Matt Rocklage, Psychology, Ohio State University, Evaluative language studies:  Separating affect from cognition.
Apr 26:  Goodbyes from departing GAP members.

Sept 30:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain),Ease of thought expression.
Oct 7:  Bradley Okdie, Ohio State University-Newark,Understanding the elusive vividness effect: A meta-analysis on vividness and persuasion.
Oct 14:   [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 21:   Brad Bushman, Ohio State University, Department of Commuinications, If the media bleeds, then memory for the ad recedes.
Oct 28:  Chris Loersch, University of Colorado, On being social:  Group processes in the formation of alcohol-related attitudes and human musicality.
Nov 4:    Vanessa Sawicki, Ohio State University,A metacognitive look at close relationships.
Nov 11:  [NO LAB – Veteran’s Day Holiday]
Nov 18:  Ben Wagner, Ohio State University, Disgust and social judgment:  A self-validation approach.
Nov 25:  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 2:  India Johnson, Ohio State University, Implicit ambivalence and prejudice as a determinant of information processing.
Jan 13:   Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Paranoia:  A self-validation analysis.
Jan 20:  Ingrid Haas, Ohio State University, Uncertainty and social cognition:  The moderating role of threat.
Jan 27:  [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 3:    Steven Bengall, Ohio State University, Testing anchoring and extremity:  An attitudinal perspective.
Feb 10:  Andy Luttrell, Ohio State University, Resisting persuasion with unfounded confidence.
Feb 17:   [NO LAB – SCP]
Feb 24:   Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ohio State University, Value from certainty:  The effects of attitude certainty on willingness to pay.
Mar 9:  Xiaoyan Deng, Department of Marketing, Ohio State University, How portrait versus landscape visual field orientation affects information processing.
Mar 30:   Tabitha Kirkland, Ohio State University, Toward a comprehensive understanding of happiness.
Apr 6:    Jennifer Belding, Ohio State University, Reducing defensive processing: High construal levels increase receptiveness to changeable negative information.
Apr 13:  Dominik Mischkowski, Ohio State University, Social exclusion and working memory capacity.
Apr 20:  Tamera Schneider, Wright State University, Implicit attitudes and health communication.
Apr 27:   MPA PRACTICE TALKS: The Role of Elaboration in Self-Control Conflicts, JENNIFER N. BELDING; Effects of Elaboration/Cognitive Load on Anchoring to Extreme Values, STEVEN BENGAL; The Elephant in the Room: Race and Information Processin, INDIA JOHNSON; Willingness to Intervene in Conflict: An Intra-group vs. Inter-group Distinction, ANDREW L LUTTRELL; Value from Certainty: The Effects of Attitude Certainty on Willingness to Pay, BRITTANY SHOOTS-REINHARD
May 4:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 11:  Geoff Durso, Ohio State University, Reducing the discomfort of implicit ambivalence
May 18:  Jeremy Gretton, Ohio State University, Cross domain information consistency enhances attitude-intention relations
May 25:   [NO LAB – EASP]
June 1:    Nick Wright, Ohio State University, Matching messages to individual differences in need to evaluate.

Oct 1:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Power and social behavior.
Oct 8:  [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 15:   [NO LAB – OSU New Methods in Political Psychology Conference]
Oct 22:   Vanessa Sawicki, Ohio State University, Motivational Factors in Selective Exposure to Information:  A new look.
Oct 29:  Phil Mazzocco, Ohio State University-Mansfield, Working towards a model of narrative persuasion.
Nov 5:  Ellen Peters, Ohio State University, Informed choice versus the construction of preferences.
Nov 12:  Rebecca Walker Naylor, Dept. of Marketing, Ohio State University, Persuasion by ambiguous others.
Nov 19:  Andrew Geers, University of Toledo, Predicting Goal Persistence: Optimism as a behavior propellant.
Nov 26:  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Jan 7:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Impact of the origin of one’s thoughts on attitudes.
Jan 14:  Ben Wagner, Ohio State University, Anger:  A self-validation perspective.
Jan 21:  Rachel Smith, Qualtrics Labs Inc., Using Qualtrics for Web based surveys and experiments.
Jan 28:  [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 4:   Jo Sasota, Ohio State University, Interdependent self-construals influence decision-making when others are affected.
Feb 11:  Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ohio State University, Personality certainty:  Increasing the predictive utility of personality scales.
Feb 18:   Jessica Rea, Ohio State University, TBA
Feb 25:   Alison Young, Ohio State University, Attitude accessibility and categorization.
Mar 11:  Matt Braslow, Ohio State University, Threat and uncertainty in self-handicapping and overachievement.
Apr 1:   Eva Pietri, Ohio State University, Reducing the negativity bias in Beanfest.
Apr 8:    Matthew Rocklage, Ohio State University, Weighing positive versus negative as an initial default response.
Apr 15:  Tabitha Kirkland, Ohio State University, Is there something wrong with happiness?
Apr 22:  Jennifer Belding, Ohio State University, The embodiment of external objects:  A self-validation perspective.
1.  Priming through Embodiment: External Objects Influence Attitude Extremity and Strength – JENNIFER N. BELDING, The Ohio State University; PABLO BRINOL, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid; RICHARD E. PETTY, The Ohio State University
2.  Racial Implicit Ambivalence and Information Processing – INDIA JOHNSON & RICHARD E. PETTY, The Ohio State University; PABLO BRIÑOL, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
3.  Personality Certainty: Improving the Predictive Utility of Personality Scales – BRITTANY SHOOTS-REINHARD & RICHARD PETTY, The Ohio State University; KEN DEMARREE, Texas Tech University; DEREK RUCKER, Northwestern University
4. The Accuracy and Utility of Brief-Exposure Judgments of Group-Level Characteristics- PAUL STILLMAN, Ohio State University; THOMAS GILOVICH, Cornell University; KENTARO FUJITA, Ohio State University
May 6:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 13:  India Johnson, Ohio State University, The role of meaningful negation in reducing implcit racial prejudice.
May 20:   Chris Jones, Ohio State University, Attitude formation and change from approaching and avoiding subliminally presented objects.
May 27:   Steven Bengall, Ohio State University, Anchoring and ranges:  Examining selective accessibility.
June 3:    Andy Luttrell, Ohio State University, Chronic and situational need for closure:  A research proposal.

Oct 2:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), The role of threat in self-validation effects.
Oct 9:  Nathan Arbuckle, Ohio State University, Social identity and motivation.
Oct 16:  [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 23:  Phil Mazzocco, Ohio State University- Mansfield , Racial colorblindness:  Benevolent and malevolent varieties.
Oct 30:  Michael McCaslin, Ohio State University, Revisiting self-persuasion:  A new look at a classic paradigm.
Nov 6:  Eugene Borgida, University of Minnesota, [PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW SERIES TALK; Explicit and implicit gender bias in arbitration decision making] MOVED TO MARCH 12 DUE TO SPEAKER ILLNESS
Nov 13:  [NO LAB]
Nov 20:  John Casterline, Department of Sociology, Ohio State University, Attitude-behavior discrepancy in demographic research in low-income countries:  Highly influential, poorly understood.
Nov 27 :  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 4 : Louisa Egan, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, How research with monkeys and children can inform social psychological theory:  The case of cognitive dissonance.
Jan 8:  Derek Rucker, Northwestern University, Confidence and message scrutiny:  The role of abstraction
Jan 15:   Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Mindfulness and diffusion therapy:  A self-validation approach.
Jan 22:  Rob Holland, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Control in motion:  The regulatory function of approach and avoidance orientations.
Jan 29:  [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 5:    Benjamin Wagner, Ohio State University, Anger and judgment.
Feb 12:  [NO LAB]
Feb 19:  India Johnson, Ohio State University, Implicit racial ambivalence as a determinant of message scrutiny.
Feb 26:  Patrick Carroll, Ohio State University- Lima, The long road from possible to core self-revision.
Mar 12:  Eugene Borgida, University of Minnesota, [PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW SERIES TALK] Explicit and implicit gender bias in arbitration decision making.
Apr 2:   Samantha Mowrer, Ohio State University, The influence of regulatory focus on reward processing.
Apr 9:  Brandon Kopp, Ohio State University, A non-elaborative path to attitude certainty:  Attitude certainty via actual and perceived accessibility.
Apr 16:  Michael Saks, Arizona State University, [PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW SERIES TALK] Social psychological experiments on the rule of law.
(1) Self-persuasion revisited: Investigating the impact of confidence in role-playing; MICHAEL J. MCCASLIN, Ohio State University; PABLO BRIÑOL, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid; RICHARD E. PETTY, Ohio State University
(2) Meaningful negation as a tool to modify automatic racial attitudes INDIA R. JOHNSON, BRANDON KOPP & RICHARD PETTY, The Ohio State University
(3) The impact of threat and uncertainty on political ideology INGRID R. JOHNSEN & WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM, Ohio State University
Apr 30:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 7:   Adam Hasinski, Ohio State University, Exploring evaluative biases in decision making with reinforcement learning models.
May 14:  Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ohio State University, Personality certainty:  Increasing the predictive utility of personality scales
May 21:  Ingrid Johnsen, Ohio State University, The impact of threat and uncertainty on political ideology.
May 28:   Jennifer Belding, Ohio State University, Embodying external objects influences attitudes.
June 4:  Mike McCaslin and Brandon Kopp, Ohio State University, Final remarks; 11:00 – Norman Li, University of Texas and Singapore Management University, The budget allocation method:  Separating psychological necessities from luxuries

Oct 3:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Minority influence: A self-validation analysis.
Oct 10:  [NO LAB]
Oct 17:  Ramadhar Singh, National University of Singapore, The attitude similarity-attraction relationship revisited: On the importance of trust.
Oct 24:  [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 31:  Kimberly Rios Morrison, Dept of Communication, OSU, Identity and (Non-)conformity.
Nov 7:  Dominic Packer, OSU, Avoiding groupthink: Factors affecting opinion expression by strongly identified group members.
Nov 14:  Joseph Priester, University of Southern California, CANCELLED DUE TO SPEAKER ILLNESS
Nov 21:  Karen McGregor, OSU, The impact of construal levels on attitude strength.
Nov 28 :  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 5 : Geoff Kaufman, OSU, Identification with fictional characters and its impact on readers’ self-concepts and behavior.
Jan 9:  Michelle See, National University of Singapore, Self-construal and post decision spread.
Jan 16:   David Roskos-Ewoldson, Dept of Communication, OSU, Implict and explicit racial attitudes.
Jan 23:  Anna Han, Ohio State University, The IAT: What does it measure?
Jan 30:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Emotional validation: The role of confidence and valence.
Feb 6:    [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 13:  [NO LAB – SCP]
Feb 20:  Randy Shedloski, Ohio State University, For better or for worse: The iimpact of other people’s evaluations on our entertainment. experience.
Feb 27:  James Dimmock, University of Western Australia, Regulatory focus and automaticity: A research program in the context of the goal of exercise.
Mar 13:  Benjamin Wagner, Ohio State University, The role of disgust in thought validation.
Apr 3: [NO LAB]
Apr 10:  Robert J. (BJ) Rydell, Indiana University, Negation and attitude formation:  Salience of negation tags and cognitive resources.
Apr 17:  [NO LAB]
1. Reducing the IAT’s Susceptibility to Category Redefinition, H. ANNA HAN, Ohio State University; RUSSELL H. FAZIO, Ohio State University.
2. Source Confusability in Evaluative Conditioning and Type of Unconditioning Stimulus, CHRISTOPHER R. JONES, Ohio State University; RUSSELL H. FAZIO, Ohio State University; MICHAEL A. OLSON, University of Tennessee
3. The Role of Doubt in Self-Persuasion: A New Look at a Classic Paradigm, MICHAEL J. MCCASLIN, Ohio State University; PABLO BRIÑOL, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; RICHARD E. PETTY, Ohio State University.
4. Recalibrating the Negativity Bias, EVAVA S. PIETRI, Ohio State University; RUSSELL FAZIO, Ohio State University.
May 1:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 8:   Ingrid Johnsen, Ohio State University, The impact of threat and uncertainty on political ideology.
May 15:  Brandon Kopp, Ohio State University, How does attitude accessibility produce attitude strength?  A meta-cognitive perspective.
May 22:  Mike McCaslin, Ohio State University, Explicit and implicit intergroup bias in the minimal group paradigm.
May 29:  (1) India Johnson, Ohio State University, Meaningful negation and the reduction of automatic racial attitudes. (2) Chris Loersch, Ohio State University, Final reflections.

Sept 21:  Jay Van Bavel, Ohio State University, The primacy of the ingroup: Neueral substrates and evaluative implications of novel group membership.
Sept 28:   [NO LAB]
Oct 5:    Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), The role of confidence in understanding the self.
Oct 12:   [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 19:   David Klein, Elections Research and Operations Specialist, Office of the Ohio Secretary of State, EVEREST:  Persuasion in the elaboration likelihood death zone.
Oct 26:  [NO LAB – ACR]
Nov 2:   Ken DeMarree, Ohio State University, Understanding prime to behavior effects:  The active self account.
Nov 9:  David Dunning, Cornell University, So what good is self-knowledge?
Nov 16:  Aaron Wichman, Ohio State University, Defensive reactions to uncertainty threats.
Nov 23:  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Jan 4 :    Eric Shaeffer, Ohio State University, The effects of visual perspective in imagery on perception, motivation, and behavior.
Jan 11:   Michelle See, National University of Singapore, Motivation versus ability for information use as a function of meta- versus structural bases of attitudes.
Jan 18:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Self-persuasion.
Jan 25 :   [NO LAB]
Feb 1:   Anna Han, Ohio State University, Implicit attitudes.
Feb 8:  [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 15:   Ingrid Johnsen, Ohio State University, Political ideology and the influence of threat.
Feb 22 :   Mike McCaslin, Ohio State University, Attitude dissociation: Testing a strict dual systems account.
Mar 7:   Chris Loersch, Ohio State University, An attributional approach to priming.
March 28:  Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ohio State University, Certainty in contrast as a function of extent of thinking.
Apr 4:   Ben Wagner, Ohio State University, Embodiment and evaluation.
Apr 11:  Saul Kassin, Williams College, A social psychologist in the legal domain.
Apr 18: Chris Jones, Ohio State University, Speech Phobia: An attitudes approach
(1) McCaslin, M. J., Loersch, C., & Petty, R. E. Attitude dissociation: The interplay of associative and deliberatiave attitude processes.
(2) DeMarree, K. G., & Loersch, C. Misattribution to the self as a mechanism of prime-to-behavior effects.
May 2:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 9:   Eva Pietri, Ohio State University, Recalibrating the negativity bias
May 16:  Alison Pfent, Ohio State University, Changing oneself and then changing the world: Regulatory fit, identity change, and activism
May 23:  India Johnson, Ohio State University, Correction for stereotypes: Is negation possible?
May 30:  Ken DeMarree, Ohio State University, Individual differences in self-validation proceses

Sept 29:  [NO LAB – ACR]
Oct 6:    Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Explicit and implicit beliefs about persuasion and resistance to change
Oct 13:   [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 20:   [NO LAB – ANES]
Oct 27:   Phil Mazzocco, Ohio State University, Mansfield, A disparities-focused model of racial policy attitudes
Nov 3:   Ken DeMarree, Ohio State University, On the independence of self-strength indicators:  Self-esteem accessibility, certainty, and resistance to change.
Nov 10:  [NO LAB – Veteran’s Day Holiday]
Nov 17:  Angel Gomez, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (Spain), The “darker side” of recategorization:  Effects of the common ingroup identity model
Nov 24:  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 1:  Wil Cunningham, Ohio State University, Social neuroscience and attitudes
Jan 12:   Ken DeMarree, Ohio State University
Part I:  Self-esteem accessibility as attitude strength:  On the durability and impactfulness of accessible self-views [practice SPSP talk]
Part II:  Structural consistency of the self attitude and resistance to self-evaluative conditioning
Jan 19 :    Natalie Shook, Ohio State University,  Attitude formation and maintenance through exploration and associative learning.
Jan 26 :   [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 2:   Olesya Govorun, Burke Market Research, Marketing research and social psychology
Feb 9:  Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Meta cognition and emotion
Feb 16:   Michelle See, Ohio State University, Structural and meta-bases of attitudes:  New directions
Feb 23 :  Ken Fujita, Ohio State University, Psychological distance, mental construals, and attitude change
Mar 9 :  Mike McCaslin , Ohio State University, Explicit and implicit measures of ingroupo and outgroup nias
March 30:   [NO LAB]
Apr 6:   Anna Han, Ohio State University, The IAT: Malleability of attitudes or malleability of attitude measures?
Apr 13 :  Brandon Kopp, Ohio State University, Can people negate their beliefs?
Apr 20 :  Natalie Shook, Ohio State University, Understanding prejudice:  Impact of automatic attitudes on roommate satisfaction
Apr 27 :   MPA Practice talks
(1) Ken DeMarree, Structrural consistency of the self and resistance to change
(2) Mike McCaslin, Investigating intergroup bias in the minimal group paradigm
(3) Michelle See, Meta-bases, structural bases, and information interest
May 4:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 11:  Ben Wagner, Ohio State University, Attitudes and morality:  Does morality convey attitude strength?
May 18 : Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, Ohio State University, An attitude strength perspective on assimilation and contrast effects
May 25:  Chris Jones, Ohio State University, Evaluative conditioning:  An implicit misattribution approach
Jun 1 : Steve Livingston, Ohio State University, Using simulated ostracism to reduce prejudice toward members of stigmatized groups

Sept 23:   Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Power and persuasion:  A multiple roles analysis.
Sept 30:   [NO LAB – ACR]
Oct 7:      [NO LAB – SESP]
Oct 14:     John Updegraff, Kent State University, Understanding how tailored health communications work.
Oct 21:    Kristi Costabile, Ohio State University, The power of narratives:  How stories influence our understanding of the social world.
Oct 28:     Zakary L. Tormala, Indiana University, The context of persuasion.
Nov 4:      Ken DeMarree, Ohio State University, Self-validation by individual differences in self-certainty.
Nov 11:    [NO LAB – Veteran’s Day Holiday]
Nov 18:    Joe Roberts, Ohio State University, Exploring the effects of perceived economic inequality.
Nov 25:    [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 2:      Phil Mazzocco, Ohio State University, Key determinants of Whites’ racial policy attitudes.
Jan 13:    Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Attitude change:  Embodiment and evolution
Jan 20:     Isaac Lipkus, Duke University Medical Center, Ambivalence and health behaviors:  The good, the bad, the unknown
Jan 27:     [NO LAB – SPSP]
Feb 3:       Kathleen McGraw, Dept. of Political Science, OSU, Personifying the nation-state:  Implications for attitude formation
Feb 10:     Kristi Costabile, Ohio State University, Is seeing believing:  The role of imagery and transportation in narrative persuasion
Feb 17:     [NO LAB]
Feb 24:     Roland Deutsch, Universität Würzburg and Ohio State University, Attitude formation through simulated social interaction
Mar 3:       [NO LAB – Grad Recruitment Day]
Mar 10:     Chris Jones, Ohio State University, Eye gaze as a predictor of evaluative conditioning
Mar 31:      Jamie Barden, Howard University, Seeing a hypocrite or not depends on the eye of the beholder.
Apr 7:        [NO LAB]
Apr 14:      Greg Maio, University of Cardiff,  Mental properties of social values.  [Room 35 PSYCH BLDG]
Apr.  21:     Michelle See, Ohio State University, Affective-cognitive orientation.
Apr 28:       MPA Practice talks
(1) Ken Demarree, Biased information processing and self-esteem accessibility.
(2) Anna Han, Shifting interpretation of the IAT as a function of conversation norms.
(3) Michelle See,  Meta-bases, structural bases, and persuasion.
(4)  Natalie Shook,  Negativity biases in attitude formation and emotional disorders
May 5:   [NO LAB – MPA]
May 12: Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, Dept. of Communication, Ohio State University, Selective exposure:  Using media messages to regulate moods and awareness
May 19:
(1)  Brittany Shoots-Reinhard,  Ohio State University, Personality certainty:  Increasing the predictive utility of personality scales.
(2)  Benjamin Wagner, Ohio State University, Moral values and attitude certainty
May 26:   Brandon Kopp, Ohio State University, Creating a false context:  Challenging the Spinozan model


Sept 26:   Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Fluency and judgment:  A meta-cognitive perspective.
Oct 10:     Helma van den Berg, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands),  The influence of affective versus cognitive focus on attitude formation.
Oct 17:     Dolores Albarracín, University of Florida, Survival of attitude judgments:  A test of a model of attitude activation and comparison.
Oct 24:     Michael Olson, Ohio State University, Simultaneous classical conditioning:  A misattribution appraoch.
Oct 31:     Derek Rucker, Ohio State University, When resistance is futile (A practice job talk)
Nov 14:    George Bizer, Eastern Illinois University, The effects of valence framing on attitude resistance.
Nov 21:    Jamie Barden, Ohio State University, Impact of gender matching on hypocrisy judgments.


Sept 25:  Christian Wheeler (Tyronne revisited)
Sept. 29:  Pablo Briñol
Oct 2:      Jamie Barden & Will Maddox
Oct 6:      Christian Wheeler (1st practice job talk)
Oct 13:    Bendik Samuelsen
Oct 27:    Zak Tormala
Nov 3:     Derek Rucker
Nov. 10:   [NO LAB. APA awards comm]
Nov. 13    Ray Montemayor (Developmental Psych)
Nov. 17:   Lisa Evans
Nov. 24:   [NO LAB – Thanksgiving]
Dec. 1:     [NO LABU. FL.]
Dec. 8:     Pablo Briñol

Sep 24:    Derek Rucker
Oct 1:      [no lab]
Oct 8:      Pablo Briñol
Oct 15:   [no lab – SESP]
Oct 22:    Discussion of Francis paper
Oct 30:   [NO LAB – colloquium]
Nov 6:    Christian Wheeler
Nov 13:   Zak Tormala.
Nov 20:  George Bizer
Nov 27:   [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 4:     Jamie Barden
Mar 31:   George Bizer
Apr 7:      Joe Priester
Apr 21:   Allyson Ankerbrand (Holbrook)
Apr 28:   MPA Practice – 1
May 5:     MPA Practice – 2
May 12:  Jamie Barden
May 19:   Jeff Larsen
May 26:   Christian Wheeler & Zak Tormala
June 2:    Richard Shakarchi & Derek Rucker

Oct 2:      Dave DeSteno
Oct 9:      Allyson Holbrook
Oct. 16:   Monique Fleming
Oct 23     [no lab – SESP]
Oct 30:      Lisa Evans/Melanie Green
Nov. 6:    Zak Tormala
Nov. 13:  Christian Wheeler
Nov. 20:   George Bizer
Nov 27:    [no lab – Thanksgiving]
Dec. 4:    Lisa Evans [final remarks]
Jan 8:      Monique Fleming
Jan 15:    Dave DeSteno
Jan 29:    Christian Wheeler
Feb 5:      Discussion of job candidate search
Feb 12:    Alllyson Holbrook
Feb. 19:   No Lab
Feb. 26:   No Lab
Mar 5:      Derek Rucker
Mar 12:    George Bizer
Apr 2:      Jeff Larsen
Apr 9:     [no lab – OPA]
Apr 16:    MPA Practice talks
Apr 23:    [no lab –  U. Missouri]
Apr  30:   [no lab – MPA]
May 7:     Christian Wheeler
May 14:    Zak Tormala
May 21:   Derek Rucker
May 28:   Dave DeSteno
Jun 4:      Monique Fleming

Oct 3:    Christian Wheeler
Oct 10:  Joint meeting with SCRG
Oct 17:  Monique Fleming [practice job talk]
Oct 24:  [no lab – SESP]
Oct 31:   Lisa Evans/Melanie Green
Nov 7      [NO LAB – Veteran’s Day Holiday]
Nov 14:  David DeSteno
Nov 21:  George Bizer.
Nov 28:  [NO LAB – Thanksgiving Break]
Dec 5:     Blair Jarvis
Jan 9:    George Bizer/Christian Wheeler
Jan 16:  GAP webpage discussion
Jan 23:  Lisa Evans
Jan 30:  Tony Hermann/Christian Wheeler
Feb 6:    Jennifer Garst
Feb 13:   Lisa Evans/Melanie Green/Blair Jarvis
Feb 20:   [NO LAB – Grad Recruitment Day]
Feb 27:   Zak Tormala
Mar 6:     Allyson Holbrook
Mar 13:   Blair Jarvis
Apr 3:     Dave DeSteno
April 10: No Lab
Apr 17:   No Lab
Apr 24:   Fishbein Colloquium 10-11:30; MPA practice 3:30-5
May 1:    No Lab, MPA
May 8:    Tony Hermann
May 15:  APS Practice (Bizer, Wheeler, Fleming)
May 22:   No Lab (APS)
May 29:   Zak Tormala
June 5:    Blair Jarvis
June 12: Media Lab Contest  

Oct 4 & 11:  Monique Fleming
Oct 18:  No Lab, SESP
Oct 25:  David DeSteno
Nov 1:   George Bizer
Nov 6:   joint lab with SCRG
Nov 15:  Lisa Evans
Nov 22:  Chris Hawkins
Nov 29:  No Lab
Dec 6:    Blair Jarvis


Sept 23:  Blair Jarvis
Sept 30:  Alan Strathman, University of Missouri
Oct 7:     Arnold Bakker
Oct 21:   Monique Fleming & Paul White
Nov 4:     John Downing
Nov 18:   Lee Fabrigar
Dec 2:     Amy Harasty
Jan 13:    Monique Fleming
Jan 20:    Jeff Feinstein
Jan 27:    Paul White
Feb 3:     Chris Hawkins
Feb 10:    Lisa Evans
Feb. 24:   John Skelly
Mar 3:      Blair Jarvis
Mar 10:    Lee Fabrigar