GAP Schedule

10:30-Noon (on-line via Zoom)

FALL SEMESTER 2021: [Organizer = Russ Fazio]

Sep 3:  Mark Susmann, When retracting information motivates misinformation sharing.

Sept 10:  Joe Siev, Fluid compensatory attitude-behavior-consistency (ABC).

Sept 17:  Jianna Jin, Department of Marketing, OSU, The impact of framing on political conservatives’ attitudes toward boundaries.

Sept 24: Shelby Boggs, Defensive conspiracists:  Poor adherence to social distancing enhances endorsement of COVID-19 conspiracies.

Oct. 1: Kenny Slagell, No pain, no gain: Exploring a construct.

Oct 8:  [No meeting, SESP]

Oct 15:  [No meeting, OSU Fall break]

Oct 22:  Junha Kim, Dept. of Marketing, OSU, Are critics more credible?  Negative reviewers are perceived to be less credible.  

Oct 29:  Tina Nguyen, The role of positive and negative feedback in prejudice confrontation. 

Nov 5:  Allison Londeree, Can self-regulation shape the neural representation of food?

Nov 12:  Javier Granados Samayoa, The contextual appraisal model:  An integrative framework for understanding self-regulation.

Nov 19:  Phuong Le, Antecedents of abstinence and balancing of self-control.

Nov 26:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]

Dec 3: Jesse Ladanyi, Self-defining attitudes bias memory of one’s past.

SPRING SEMESTER 2022:  [Organizer = Duane Wegener]

Jan 14: No meeting

Jan 21:  Aviva Philipp-Muller, Two heads are better than one:  How framing scientists as communal improves consumer interest in scientifically formulated products.

Jan 28:  Joe Siev, Support versus opposition orientations underlie differences in partisans’ and independents’ preferences in politics and beyond.

Feb 4:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]

Feb 11:  Shelby Boggs, Understanding the role of disgust during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feb 18:  [No meeting, SPSP]

Feb 25: Jake Goebel, Should I speak up? How audience size shapes opinion expression.

Mar 4: SPSP poster data blitz

Mar 11: Mark Matthews, Does self-affirmation reduce resistance to freedom-restricting language?

Mar 18: [No meeting, Spring Break]

Mar 25: Sydney Williams, Just passing by: The effects of behavioral passing and cis-gender identity on the persuasiveness of pro-trans allyship messages.

Apr 1 Michael Diamond, Masters thesis studies:  Impact of self-affirmation beliefs and self-threat on outcome positivity.

Apr 8: Tasha Corley, Rotten apple, rotten tree:  Antecedents and consequences of beliefs about the changeability of systemic racism.

Apr 14: GAP farewells [4 pm]

Apr 15:  Ariana Hernandez-Colmenares, Mindset certainty and resistance to persuasive messages; Darcy Acevedo-Torres, Impact of perceived and actual elaboration on resistance to persuasion; Kendra Wilson, Neural underpinnings of the impact of acetaminophen on judgment. 

Apr 22: [No meeting, MPA conference]