GAP Schedule


All meetings are 10:30-12:00 in 120 Lazenby Hall

FALL SEMESTER 2018: [Organizer = KEN FUJITA]

Aug 24:  **NO MEETING**

Aug 31:  Brad Bushman, Department of Communication, Ohio State University, Development and validation of a single item ‘Hell’ scale (SIHS).

Sept 7:  Grant Donnelly, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, Communicating scarcity of time and money and its influence on interpersonal connection.

Sept 14: Laura Wallace, Resisting a culture of genius:  How certainty promotes resistance to the socialization of fixed vs. growth mindsets.

Sept 21:  Jake Teeny, Are you an expert or do you just enjoy it?  The impact of enjoyment on self-perceptions of expertise.

Sept. 28: Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Twenty years of self-validation research:  From a hypothesis for a single variable to a general theory.

Oct 5:  [No meeting, SESP]

Oct 12:  [No meeting, OSU Fall Break]

Oct 19:  David Lee, Thriving through social connections.

Oct 26:  Tina Nguyen, Do people have insight into their current motivational state?

Nov 2:  Molly Crockett, Department of Psychology, Yale University, Modeling morality in 3D: Decision making, judgment, and inference. [NOTE:  This talk will take place in 35 PS and is part of the Social Area Colloquium series]

Nov 9:  Erin Westgate, Anchors of change:  Cultural shifts in implicit attitudes.

Nov 16:   Aviva Philipp-Muller, The moral bases of attitudes:  Structural as distinct from subjective.

Nov 23:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]

Nov 30:  Mark Susmann, But I want to believe it:  The role of discomfort in the continued influence of misinformation.


Jan 11:  Pat Carroll, Ohio State University – Lima; Story of self revision.

Jan 18:  Joe Siev, Chronic and situational valence frames drive the use of partisan threat information.

Jan 25:  Amy Brunell, Ohio State University – Mansfield, Narcissism and romantic relationships.

Feb 1:  Brad Okdie and Jim Wirth, Ohio State University – NewarkI don’t need you, I have the internet:  The internet as access to fundamental needs.  [CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER]

Feb 8:  [No meeting, SPSP].

Feb 15:  Jaroth Lanzalotta, Biased processing of argument quality.

Feb 22:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]

Mar 1:  Data Blitz (SPSP Posters); Brad Okdie and Jim Wirth, Ohio State University – NewarkI don’t need you, I have the internet:  The internet as access to fundamental needs. TBA.

Mar 8:  Shelby Boggs, TBA.

Mar 15:  [No meeting, OSU Spring break]

Mar 22:  Nancy Xu, TBA.

Mar 29:  Mark Matthews, TBA; and Jesse Ladanyi, TBA. 

Apr 5:  MPA Practice Talks, TBA.

Apr 12:  [No meeting, MPA]

Apr 19:  Farewells from departing GAP members: TBA