GAP Schedule


All meetings are 10:30-12:00 in 120 Lazenby Hall

FALL SEMESTER 2019: [Organizer = RUSS FAZIO]

Aug 23:  Brad Bushman, OSU School of Communication, Deadly child’s play:  Exposure to guns in movies and video games increases interest in real guns.

Aug 30:  Lei Jia, OSU Department of Marketing, Shhh…Don’t tell:  The polarizing effect of secrecy on consumer enjoyment.

Sept 6: Phil Mazzocco, OSU-Mansfield, Preferences for disability acknowledgement:  Variance across situations and individuals.

Sept 13: Jake Teeny,The enjoy-able effect:  Enjoyment inflates self-evaluations of ability [a practice job talk]

Sept 20: Andy Luttrell, Ball State University, Shared moralization, issue agreement, and interpersonal impressions.

Sept. 27: Benjamin Ruisch, Examining the left-right divide:  Causes, correlates, and consequences of political ideology.

Oct 4:  Anne Krendl, Indiana University, How does stigma affect mental health treatment seeking, and what can we do about it?

Oct 11:  [No meeting, OSU Fall Break]

Oct 18: [No meeting, SESP]

Oct 25:  Michael Slater, OSU School of Communications, Four human need, motivation, and goals-based perspectives on communication behavior: E-ELM, Reinforcing Spirals, TEBOTS, Mediated Wisdom of Experience.

Nov 1:  Kelly Garrett, OSU School of Communications, Susceptibility to misperceptions in a dynamic media environment.

Nov 8:   Vanessa Sawicki, OSU-Marion, Metacognition matters:  Attitude importance moderates similarity effects on attraction.

Nov 15:   Joe Siev, A model of intergroup independence.

Nov 22: Shelby Boggs, Change of meaning:  How agreement changes the object of evaluation.

Nov 29: [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]


Jan 10: Laura Wallace, Choosing a culture of growth or brilliance:  A mindset strength approach to employee recruitment and student engagement.

Jan 17:  Jake Teeny, Who’s more upset after a loss?  Opposition (vs. support) mindsets lead to more negative reactions following undesired outcomes.

Jan 24:  Nancy Xu, Moral attitudes and message sidedness:  Two sided messages promote openness for people with morally based attitudes.

Jan 31:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment]

Feb 7: Mark Susmann, TBA 

Feb 14:  Chris Chartier, Ashland University, Accelerating psychological science through a distributed network of hundreds of collaborating labs.

Feb 21: Aviva Philipp-Muller, TBA

Feb 28: [No meeting, SPSP]

Mar 6: Jesse Ladanyi, TBA

Mar 13: [No meeting, OSU Spring Break]

Mar 20: Jaroth Lanzalotta, TBA

Mar 27: Mark Matthews, TBA

Apr 3:  Nick Khaligh, TBA

Apr 10Farewells from departing GAP members (Jake Teeny, Laura Wallace)

Apr 17: MPA practice talks

Apr 24[No Meeting – MPA]