GAP Schedule


Until further notice, all meetings are on ZOOM. 

FALL SEMESTER 2020: [Organizer = Baldwin Way]

Aug 28:  No meeting

Sep 4:  Discussion of GAP norms and climate.

Sept 11:  Rich Lopez, Department of Psychology, Bard College, Self-regulatory strategies and daily eating behavior.

Sept 18:  Shelby Boggs, Salient pathogen threats increase sensitivity to disgust.

Sept 25: Mark Sussman, The role of discomfort in the continued influence effect of misinformation.

Oct. 2: Aviva Philipp-Muller, Get your science out of here:  When do scientific appeals backfire?

Oct 9:  Social area first year talks: Courtney Moore and Nick Khaligh.

Oct 16:  Sophie Kjaervik, OSU Dept. of Communications, The relation between narcissism and aggression: A meta-analytic review.

Oct 23:  Burt Uchino, Department of Psychology, University of Utah, Understanding relationship ambivalence and its link to cardivoascular health.  

Oct 30:  TBA, [No Meeting]

Nov 6:  Nancy Xu, From loyalty to rivalry:  Using two-sided messages to engage brand switching among the most loyal consumers.

Nov 13:   Joe Siev, Valenced mindsets guide partisans’ versus independents’ attitudes and behaviors.

Nov 20:   Haemi Nam, The cost of love: When relationship conflict affects health.

Nov 27:  [No meeting, Thanksgiving holiday]

Dec 4: Social Area Panel on Diversity and Inclusion: Cami Johnson, Cindy Pickett, and Pin-ya Tseng.

SPRING SEMESTER 2021:  [Organizer = Ken Fujita]

Jan 15: Taylor Ballinger, Unpacking the perceived threat of diversity policies:  The role of diversity inferences.

Jan 22:  Dani Cosme, Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania, Translational neuroscience approaches to studying self-regulation and behavior change.

Jan 29:  [No meeting, Grad recruitment day]

Feb 5:  Shelby Boggs, Are you in my group?  Disgust sensitivity and ingroup favoritism.

Feb 12:  [No meeting – SPSP]

Feb 19:  Tao Jiang, Love is not a battlefield:  Nonzero-sum beliefs and response to conflict in romantic relationships.

Feb 26: Nancy Xu, Individual differences in three aspects of evaluation:  The motives to have, learn, and express attitudes.


Mar 12: Aviva Phillip-Muller, Do consumers even care about ethics?: A review with an attitudes twist.

Mar 19: Nick Khaligh, Anti-values: The other (underappreciated) side of the coin.

Mar 26: Allison Londeree, What can neural measures of reward reactivity tell us about adolescent alcohol use?

Apr 2 [No meeting; OSU Wednesday classes meet today]

Apr 9Juan Ospina, Ecosystem motivation predicts support for redistributive policies.

Apr 16:  Jacob Goebel, Network perception: Implications for source attribution + Michael Diamond, For those who get it, does it help:  The effect of accurate self-affirmation beliefs on self-threat.

Apr 23: Sydney Williams, The impact of scandal on evaluations of politicians and others + GAP farewells