GAP Schedule

10:30-noon in Room 35 of the Psych Building

FALL SEMESTER 2022: [Organizer = Mark Pitt]

Aug 26:  Jason Clark, Stigmatized sources and persuasion:  Self-validation and self-invalidation.

Sept 2:  Nick Khaligh, The relationship between generality and attitude importance.

Sept 9:  Joe Siev, Attitudinal ambivalence and extremism.

Sept 16: Seulbee Lee, How self-control beliefs shape motivation:  The moderating role of imagery perspective.

Sept. 23: Laura Hildebrand, The effect of trust on confrontation-related social costs.

Sept. 30:  Courtney Moore, The role of valence weighting in disambiguating negative facial expressions.

Oct 7:  Jesse Ladanyi, Self-defining attitudes bias memory for one’s past.

Oct 14  No Meeting, OSU Autumn Break/SESP.

Oct 21:  Phuong Le, The functions of a storyteller’s visual perspective in communication. 

OCT 28:  Sydney Williams, Well, what did you expect?  Impact of expectations on the perceived extremity of scandalous behavior.

Nov 4:  Jake Goebel, Social network structure shapes advocacy intentions.

Nov 11:  No Meeting, [Veteran’s Day holiday]

Nov 18:  Kenny Slagell, A taste of industry research:  Member reactions to general rate increases.

Dec 2: Nick Khaligh, How should I evaluate this?  Differences in evaluative criteria between experts and non-experts.

SPRING SEMESTER 2023:  [Organizer = Baldwin Way]

Jan 13:  Joe Siev, Different punishments allocated to artists versus scientists who transgress.

Jan 20:  No meeting, [Decision Psychology job candidate, Peter Kvam]

Jan 27:  Juliana Schroeder, University of California-Berkeley,TBA

Feb 3:  No meeting, [Decision Psychology job candidate, Michael Lee]

Feb 10:  Jake Goebel, TBA.

Feb 17:  Darcy Acevedo-Torres, TBA

Feb 24: No Meeting, SPSP

Mar 3:  SPSP poster blitz

Mar 10: Juan Ospina, TBA.

Mar 17: No meeting, Spring Break

Mar 24: Seulbee Lee, TBA.

Mar 31 Nick Khaligh, TBA.

Apr 7Kelly Ammadio, TBA, & Grace Edmonds, TBA

Apr 14:  Keathun Cunningham, TBA, and Joe Siev, farewell

Apr 21:  No Meeting, MPA Conference